Mike Egan has always been passionate about photography. It all began when he got his first camera at the age of 8. His interest continued and talent unfolded as he started taking photography classes in college. His love for all things associated with the water and boats steered him to previous careers in the marine industry. A licensed Coast Guard captain with his 100 tons masters license found him in various maritime positions such as mate on a sport fishing boat, fuel barge operator, delivery captain and marina manager to name a few, until he finally decided to turn his passion into a profession. Michael is a Rhode Island School of Design alum where his concentration of study was digital photography. Mike Egan has a broad professional photographic background. He has worked in the studio environment photographing people, products and whatever else came his way. Outside of the studio environment he would photograph weddings, political, social and fundraising events. His pictures have been published in Boats International, Dockwalk, Marinalife, The Providence Journal, The Newport Daily News, SORI, Prividence Monthly, The Block Island Times, The East Greenwich Pendulum etc. etc. With Egan Images Michael brings his worldview into yours.